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Cooling down after a workout


Cool-down periods hold as great a significance as warm-ups, in fact both of them are an essential part of an exercise routine. Warming up aids the body in making a smooth transition from rest to activity, where as during a cool-down, the body cools. Muscle temperature decreases, perspiration rate goes down causing the skin to feel cool, heart rate goes down, and respiration rate goes down.

Add 10 to 15 minutes onto your workout so you can do some easy jogging or walking and then stretch.

It has been observed that too many women wrap up their workouts and head straight to the showers. Stretching and relaxation should be carried out after every workout in order to achieve all-round fitness. Stopping too suddenly can sharply reduce blood pressure, is a danger for older women, besides the cool-down:

Warm-ups and cool-downs are two elements of every workout which, when properly done, will help ensure the mental and physical well-being of the active individual.

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