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Mountain Biking: handling the hills

Mountain Biking: handling the hills

If cycling or mountain biking is new to you, many guides have several trips that are the perfect introduction. You will need to learn some basic shifting and climbing skills. Mountain biking can take us many places including away from the daily stress and turmoil of our hectic lives. Besides freeing our minds, it has the incredible health benefit of keeping our hearts and bodies in great physical shape as well. Mountain biking can be relaxing or strenuous, depending on the terrain and your physical capabilities or goals. And, when you consider that the terrain is influenced by weather factors, temperature, natural elements, and even natural hazards, every trip is truly a new and exhilarating experience!

Some helmets are specifically designed for mountain biking and include features such as a harder outer shell. This better protects you from trail hazards, such as low-hanging branches, that you might come into contact with.

There are some distinct health benefits derived from biking


Some helpful hints for the mountain biking beginners:

Though the thought of mountain biking may be intimidating to some, the skills necessary to maneuver on a trail can be quickly learned from fellow mountain bikers or acquired from trial and error practice. One of the most difficult techniques to learn, however, is the ability to look ahead on the trail. Keeping your chin up is very important!

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