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Nail Enhancing Techniques

Nail Enhancing Techniques

Nail enhancing techniques are useful for daily care of the nails.

Rough cracked and irregular nails improve, if soaked in warm water for 10 minutes twice daily, and if water absorbing creams are applied to the moist nails. These chemically enhanced moisturizers, such as Lachydrin, Lacticare, Uremol, Calmurid, contain urea and or lactic acid.

Today polishes contain a keratin substance panthenol, said to moisturize and reduce breakage… polyester resins to prevent chipping… calcium and strengtheners for longer wear… resin for elasticity… Do they actually work? No independent studies have been done to confirm these results

Appling Nail Paint

For short , Broken or Bitten Nails 

Metal nail forms are used to set the length of the porcelain nails, which are removed after the porcelain has set. For normal nails, plastic tips are attached to the natural nails and cut to the desired size and filed and buffed to shape, after which the porcelain procedure follows. They can then be polished.
While the natural nail grows, the porcelain one is pushed outwards so fill-ins are required at the base every 3 to 4 weeks. They can be removed with nail glue remover.

A Perfect Pedicure

Pretty feet make the rest of you look and feel great.

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