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Resistance Band Workout for Travelers

Resistance Band Workout for Travelers

A resistance band is a great travel workout aid because it’s an effective resistance-training tool and yet it folds up into the tiniest of spaces. There are different brands and styles, but basically aresistance band looks like a giant rubber band (some have handles), and you stretch it to work your muscles. They are great for beginners, cheap and extremely portable.

For the exercises indicated below, you need a resistance band or tube with handles, one that’s long enough for you to stretch from the floor to over your head. They come in different levels of resistance – try a pliable tube to start off with.

Try to work up to 20 reps for each exercise while performing your resistance band workout. (If it’s your first time, start with five or however many you can or have time to do).

WF fitness trainers suggest that you perform the following exercises (after warming and stretching) in the order indicated, without resting in between, to get an added cardio workout.

Squat press 

Muscle Worked: Thighs (quads), Backs of legs (hamstrings), Shoulders (deltoids), and the Backs of your arms (triceps).


One-Arm Chest Lift

Muscle Worked: Chest (pectorals) and Front shoulder muscles (deltoids).


Upright row 

Muscle Worked:
 Front and side Shoulder muscles (deltoids).

Overhead press 

Muscle Worked: Backs of arms (triceps) and Shoulders (deltoids).


Forward curl 

Muscle Worked: Upper arms (biceps).

Side curl 

Muscle Worked: Upper arms (biceps).


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