Kobo 2 H.P Jogger for Home Gym Cardio Fitness Treadmill


  • Motorized
  • For Walking Lunges, Walking Plank
  • Inclination Level3
  • Color: Black
  • Maximum Weight Support 120 kg


The treadmill is the most popular and one of the most used of all indoor aerobic fitness equipment. The treadmill is an easy, affordable way to get a great cardiovascular workout at home regardless of the weather or time of day. It can be manually inclined and displays information about time, speed, distance and calories. Enjoy exercising with this. The most amazing feature about the motorized treadmill is that it is foldable and you can carry it along with you anywhere you go. The control is in your hand to balance the speed. Easy to Assemble. Buyer has to assemble himself. Assembly manual inside the packaging.