Lotus HERBALS WHITEGLOW Skin Whitening & Brightening Hand & Body Lotion SPF-25 I PA+++ (300 ml)


  • Lotion For Fairness
  • For Unisex
  • Organic Type: Natural


Enhance the lustre and glow of your skin today. Give your body goodness it deserves, in threefolds over, with this new Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Skin Whitening & Brightening Hand & Body Lotion. The lotion can be used on your whole body and is perfectly safe as it is both natural and organic. The unique formulation of this lotion ensures you can comfortably spread it over your body, the light lotion is easily absorbed in your skin, leaving you with well moisturised skin. This lotion is ideal for all skin types, so go ahead and cater your skin to Lotus Herbals’ new whiteglow skin and watch the magic unfold.

Composed with fruit and plant extracts, this body lotion effectively lightens, brightens and whitens your skin. Enriched with skin lightening effect, this hand and body lotion ensures that all dark spots are reduced and you are left with an even and bright skin tone. The lotion works from within reaching all the layers of your skin, so you can be beautiful from within and look radiant on the outside. The lotion contains SPF 25, which ensures to protect you from sun rays and tanning. With all these advantages already piled up, the lotion is also formulated to suit men and women, so spread the goodness to your entire family today.