PROTOUCH Skin Lift Combo for Women


PROTOUCH Skin Lift Combo | Skin lift Device & Recovery Drops | Anti ageing, Bright & Firm Younger Looking Skin


About this item

  • The revolutionary Skin lift recovery drops with a unique built-in roller ball applicator helps to target delicate and ageing prone areas like neck, jawline, chin, forehead & smile-lines
  • This ultra-concentrated formula is infused with black tea ferments with active ingredients like niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, tripeptide & retinol with skin barrier repairing ceramides that helps to maintain skin elasticity and minimise the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines to make your skin look lifted & firm.
  • Skin Lift Device helps to make your skin look healthy with improved blood circulation, reduction in pores and it will make your face and skin look beautiful and younger.
  • Face and neck are treated with blue light, green and red can help skin care products absorb skin, increase cell metabolism, restore skin firmness